Hanami in Miyazaki 2024

Last years hanami season in Miyazaki City and Miyazaki Prefecture was very beautiful.
One of the top spots for Hanami in Kyushu, due to the lack of crowds!

E-Mail us if you are planning to see the hanami.

General Japan Sakura report 2024

Update 2024-03-20

It became slightly colder again which means hanami might take a few more days. I checked Amagajo in Takaoka on the 18th and no flowers were out yet. However Ippon Sakura in Kunitomi is in full bloom. Parks in Miyakonojo have started to open.
Join MAJET on Saturday the 23th at 11am in Mochio park.

Update: 2024-03-08

This years hanami season will start very soon and early.
Two places high up are already flowering, but others will start at around the 20th march.

Ippon Sakura in Kunitomi

This tree will flower before all else.
Update: 2023-03-20. This tree is now in full bloom!

Amagajo Castle park

Starting from March 23rd 2024. Light up at night. Food trucks and stalls. Perfect for picknic.


The Miyazaki Association of JETs (Majet) is planning to hold an event at one of the parks in Miyakonojo this year.
Join MAJET on Saturday the 23th at 11am in Mochio park!


Andiโ€™s Hanami Report 2023-03-20: Currently some flowers have opened, but it hasnโ€™t properly started yet.
Ipponsakura in Kunitomi is in full bloom, early as every year. Saitobaru is not yet flowering.

How to do Hanami

  1. Keep up to date on the state of the flowers. The hanami season is very short and always varies.
    in Miyazaki full bloom is usually on April 1st, but it seems earlier this year.
  2. Find a spot you like and get some friends together
  3. Get a sheet to sit down.
  4. Have a picnic party under trees and enjoy life!

Top spots to see cherry blossoms in Miyazaki