Miyazaki Mangoes

Miyazaki is known for its bountiful fruit production, particularly its famous mangoes. Located in the southern prefecture of Kyushu, Miyazaki enjoys warm weather and long hours of sunlight, making it the perfect place for growing juicy, flavorful mangoes.

Mangoes were first introduced to Japan during the Meiji Period (1868 - 1912), and it wasnโ€™t until the 1970s that full-scale cultivation of the fruit began. The rich sweetness of Miyazaki mangoes sets them apart from other varieties, thanks to the regionโ€™s ideal growing conditions.

The mangoes grown in Miyazaki are known for their creamy texture and fragrant flavor, and are harvested when they are perfectly ripe and naturally fall from the tree. The highest quality standard of Miyazaki mangoes is branded and sold as Taiyo-no-Tamago (Eggs of Sunshine), which must be over 350g in weight, have a sugar content of at least 15%, and be perfectly colored and shaped.

Miyazaki mangoes are only available between April and August, with the majority being sold during May and June. This is the best time to enjoy these delicious fruits, as they can be found at more reasonable prices during this period.

If youโ€™re in Miyazaki and want to try some of these delicious mangoes, we recommend visiting Fruit Ohno, a store that specializes in fruit produced in Miyazaki Prefecture. They offer a wide range of fruit, including mangoes, lychees, and Hyuganatsu, as well as ready-to-eat cut mangoes and original parfaits packed full of mango flavor. Another option is Mango Star, a cafe that serves a diverse menu centered around mangoes, including desserts such as parfaits and custard puddings, as well as savory dishes like mango curry and mango pasta.

Miyazaki mangoes are a truly unique and delicious treat that should not be missed when visiting the prefecture. Make sure to try some of these juicy fruits during your time in Miyazaki and experience the rich flavor for yourself.

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