Miyazaki Phoenix Country Club

Miyazaki Phoenix Country Club is a highly-regarded golf course located in the PHOENIX SEAGAIA RESORT in Miyazaki, Japan. The course has been ranked 67th on the US Golf Digest’s 100 Best Courses Outside The United States, and has been rated one of the leading courses in Japan by The Rolex WORLD’s TOP 1000 GOLF COURSES. It has hosted the International Tour DUNLOP PHOENIX TOURNAMENT every year since 1974, attracting some of the world’s top players.

The course consists of 27 holes and is relatively flat, with only 77 bunkers and 4 water hazards. It is separated by black pine trees, which create aerial hazards in some areas, making it a highly strategic course. It is easily accessible from Miyazaki City and Miyazaki Airport, and is located within the PHOENIX SEAGAIA RESORT, along with the Tom Watson Golf Course.

Visitors can use the clubhouse’s restaurant, lockers, showers, and stores, and can stay at the nearby Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort. The club is a membership golf club, but visitors are welcome to play as well. Proper golf attire is required, and players are expected to wear a blazer or tailored jacket in the clubhouse, except during the summer months. Carts are not allowed on the course, and players are expected to play on foot with a caddie.

Overall, Miyazaki Phoenix Country Club offers a challenging and enjoyable golfing experience in a beautiful and convenient location.