Miyazaki International Foundation

The Miyazaki International Foundation is an organization dedicated to promoting international exchange and fostering a sense of community in the Miyazaki region of Japan. The Foundation offers a range of services to both foreign residents and local citizens, including information on living in Japan, international chat sessions, and support for non-governmental organizations that promote international exchange.

The Foundation also operates the Miyazaki International Plaza, a space where people can access information on international exchange and other topics. The Plaza offers a library of books, magazines, and videos, as well as borrowing services for flags and other cultural items. The Plaza is open Tuesday to Saturday and offers a variety of services and resources for those interested in learning more about international exchange and living in Japan.

There is very fast free WiFi available at the Miyazaki International Plaza.

The Foundation is seeking donations to help support its mission of internationalization and community revitalization. Donations can be made as general or specific contributions, and donors can receive tax benefits. The Foundation is also looking for members to support its activities and receive special benefits such as discounted event fees and access to newsletters and magazines.

For more information about the Miyazaki International Foundation and its services, please contact the Foundation at the address and contact information provided.

Support to Foreign Residents

Please check the Website under Support for Foreign Residents to find Disaster prevention pamphlets, Multilingual Living Information with helpful japanese phrases, After Hours and Urgent Care Locations in case of medical troubles and a medical handbook.

Daily Life Helpline (Foreign Resident Support Hotline)

The Daily Life Helpline is a service provided by the Miyazaki Support Center for Foreign Residents to help individuals avoid problems and inconvenience due to language barriers. The helpline offers support in six languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. When contacted, the helpline will attempt to connect the caller with an individual who speaks their language. However, it may take some time to connect with the appropriate person.

The Daily Life Helpline is completely free to use and guarantees the strict protection of personal information. Residents of Miyazaki are encouraged to call the helpline at any time if they need support or assistance with daily life issues.

The Miyazaki Support Center for Foreign Residents can be reached by phone at 0985-41-5901, by fax at 0985-41-5902, or by email at [email protected]. More information can also be found on the Center’s website at https://www.support.mif.or.jp. The Daily Life Helpline is made possible thanks to the sponsorship of the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) and the spread of public information scheme from lottery proceeds.