Japan is a country that is known for its earthquakes, which can be frightening and destructive. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to prepare for and protect yourself during an earthquake.

One of the most useful tools that you can have in the event of an earthquake is the NERV app. This app will warn you a few seconds before an earthquake strikes, giving you time to take cover and protect yourself. The app also provides useful information about the earthquake, such as its intensity and expected duration.

In addition to providing earthquake alerts, the NERV app can also be used to check the weather. This is particularly useful for checking the rain radar, which can help you avoid getting caught in a downpour.

When an earthquake strikes, it is important to remain calm and take cover immediately. If you are indoors, stay away from windows and doors, and try to find a sturdy piece of furniture to hold on to. If you are outdoors, move to an open area away from buildings, power lines, and other potential hazards.

It is also important to be familiar with the Japanese earthquake shindo scale, which is used to measure the intensity of earthquakes. The scale ranges from 0 to 7, with 0 being the weakest and 7 being the strongest. Earthquakes that reach shindo 5 or higher are considered to be very strong, and can cause significant damage and disruption.

By following these tips and using the NERV app, you can be prepared for an earthquake and protect yourself and your loved ones during this potentially dangerous event.