Miyazaki. The next Sillcon Valley?

Miyazaki, Japan is a hidden gem that is quickly gaining recognition as a great place for tech companies to thrive. The city is known for its beautiful beaches, affordable living costs, and sunny weather, making it an ideal location for tech entrepreneurs who are looking to start or grow their businesses.

One of the key advantages of Miyazaki for tech companies is the availability of co-working spaces. These shared office spaces provide entrepreneurs with a professional and supportive environment in which to work, collaborate, and innovate. The city’s startup cafe, which is a hub for aspiring entrepreneurs, is a great place to connect with other tech professionals and share ideas and resources. The cafe also offers office space and assistance to tech entrepreneurs who are looking to establish a presence in the city.

Another major advantage of Miyazaki is its affordable living costs. The city has a lower cost of living than many other major cities in Japan, making it an attractive option for tech entrepreneurs who want to save money and focus on growing their businesses. The city’s sunny weather and beautiful beaches are also major draws for tech professionals who value a great work-life balance and enjoy outdoor activities such as surfing.

Miyazaki is also very well connected, with a major airport that provides easy access to other parts of Japan and overseas. For overseas companies, the city offers an ideal base as a holiday destination, with a compact but well-sized city that offers all the necessities at lower costs. It is also a great place to find engineers who value a great work-life balance and enjoy activities such as surfing.

Opening a branch in Miyazaki helps tech companies gain access to the third largest Economy in the world at a fraction of the costs as in Tokyo, while simultaneously profiting from a large backflow of engineers from Japan’s urban mega centers to the attractive region.

Miyazaki is an exciting and promising destination for tech companies that are looking to grow and thrive. With its beautiful beaches, affordable living costs, sunny weather, and supportive community, the city has all the ingredients to become the next Silicon Valley.

Accelerator programmes in Miyazaki

Miyazakian reports:
On March 15 2024 the innovation day event was held at the Miyazaki Science Museum Planetarium. 01Booster held a demoday of startups called Hinata STARs.

01Booster Miyazaki

Miyazaki Prefecture is working to extend the startup ecosystem. Noteworthy is also the public business cooporation of Miyazaki City.

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