List of Destinations

Miyazaki Prefecture: The birthplace of Japan, with abundant sunshine and a rich history.

Aoshima Shrine: A sub-tropical island shrine located in Aoshima that is popular among tourists for its beautiful ocean views and cultural significance.
Heiwadai Park: A sprawling peace park with a 37-meter-high monument, replica clay soldiers, and a peaceful lake for strolling and picnicking.
Miyazaki Shrine: A shrine dedicated to the mythical first Emperor of Japan, with a tunnel of red gates and a nearby museum.
Oyodo River: A picturesque river with a dedicated bicycle path, perfect for a scenic ride through the city.
Obi Castle: a well-preserved castle
Udo Jingu Shrine: A shrine located in a large cave by the ocean, dedicated to the father of the mythical first Emperor of Japan.
Aoshima Beach: A popular spot for surfing, with numerous surf schools and rental shops.
Saitobaru Kofungun: An ancient burial site with Haniwa clay figures on display.

35th Saito Kofun Matsuri - YouTube

Nichinan and Hyuga: Coastal cities located near Miyazaki, known for their beautiful beaches and historical sites.