Horikiri Toge: A Special View

Right after Aoshima on the Nichinan Waterfront is Horikiri Toge, a mountain pass that offers stunning views of the Nichinan Beach and the Pacific Ocean. The path is also known for its unique wave-shaped rocks along the shore and the Phoenix Tree Path.

How to get there

Drive south from Miyazaki City on the National Road 220 and pass Aoshima, then keep going, but remember to turn left onto the mountain road (Prefectural Road 377) instead of going through the tunnel.

Take a quick break to enjoy the scenery and maybe eat some ice cream. You can keep following the road south along the road down to Nichinan with it’s attractions like Udo Jingu.

Access by public transport

Bus from Miyako City (宮交シティ) bound for Nichinan (日南) 35 minutes. We recommend the Miyazaki One Day Bus pass. You can either get out at Horikiri Toge, the highest point or at the Roadstation Phoenix.



Horikiri Pass (堀切峠) Map

Rest station on the Pacific Ocean with a palm-lined walk for viewing coastal rock formations.

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Helpful Japanese Words:

Horikiri Toge 堀切峠
Michi no Eki Fenikksu道の駅 フェニックス