Kirishima Christ Church in Miyazaki

A Glimpse into Kirishima Christ Church: Bridging Cultures in Miyazaki

Situated in Miyazaki City, the Kirishima Christ Church extends a warm welcome to both locals and the international community.

At the helm is Pastor Ken, who conducts the sermons in Japanese, but makes efforts to ensure inclusivity through translations and Romanized versions of hymns, thereby accommodating those with different language backgrounds.

The Kirishima Christ Church is affiliated with the Japan Mennonite Fellowship, adhering to the Mennonite tradition. This tradition, with roots tracing back to the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century in Europe, emphasizes peace, social justice, and service. The church, through its affiliation, reflects these principles, aiming to create a positive impact within its community.

An inviting aspect of the Kirishima Christ Church is its open-door policy, extending an invitation to everyone, not limited to believers alone. Practical amenities such as parking are provided, making it a convenient choice for attendees. The casual dress code and child-friendly environment further contribute to the welcoming atmosphere, catering to families and individuals alike.

The Kirishima Christ Church presents a blend of traditional Mennonite values within the modern setting of Miyazaki, creating a space where individuals can explore spiritual dimensions, irrespective of their cultural or linguistic backgrounds. Through its practices and welcoming nature, the Kirishima Christ Church is a good choice for individuals and families looking to engage in a spiritual community while in Miyazaki.

Kirishima Christ Church